Poached Pears Chocolate Cake

You can find the recipe here

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Marie Antoinette

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Carved Layered Cake

Inspired by pottery artist Sean Forest Roberts @forestceramicco and his carved series creations. Love his designs so much that I couldn’t resist putting it on a cake. Carving it on fondant was a bit more challenging than I expected, but I am very happy with the result!

Easter Egg Hunt

Happy Easter 2018 and happy spring to all!!!

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Merry Xmas 2017

Xmas 2017 Snowman Cake
Snowman chocolate cake

Wishing you all a very happy holiday and a beautiful and very sweet new year! I had to make a cake before Christmas and I saw this very cute ornament online, which gave me the snowman idea. Continue reading “Merry Xmas 2017”

Autumn Pear Cake

A very “autumn” cake recipe with raw pears, spices, and chai latte frosting. Decorated with candied pear slices painted with edible watercolours. You can find the recipe here